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The GRS Live Workshop



The Get-Real Selling Live Training Workshop can serve you and your organization in helping customers achieve their desired outcomes and in meeting their expectations of you and your company.  Get-Real Selling is "REAL" instead of the Not Real approaches used by many salespeople.  If you would like to "Get Real" with your sales, contact us today!



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Get-Real Selling Phases

Each phase of the process contains specific skills and tools to use with customers to move toward sales success.  Watch the videos below for an introduction on the first three phases and some bonus clips on other true consultative selling tools taught in the live workshops.

1- Connecting


The foundation of trust and a strong, productive relationship.


2 - Discovering


An understanding of customer needs, interests and buying criteria.




Development of winning solutions to meet the customer's needs and interests.

The live workshop is customized for each one of our clients to apply the 5 Phases to your solution.   For more information on availability and pricing for your organization, contact us.


Contact ut ot Learn More About our Customized Coaching Program




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