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Selling "gets done" through individual salespeople's efforts combined with coaching and leadership from their managers.

Get-Real Coaching - Training Today's Sales Leaders

3 Step Coaching

Step 1

Pre-call planning to establish roles and expectations, when "in the moment"


Step 2

Behavioral perceptions relevant to expectations


Step 3

Post-call review process:

Gauge, Recognize and Select




There are many sales training resources available but very few on sales team leadership.  The GRC Program meets this critical need for today's sales leaders.


The 3-Step Get-Real Coaching Process:


  • GRS skills applied to coaching
  • Understanding the role as sales coach and leader
  • Accepting the role as sales coach and leader









A dedicated period of time per month providing one on one customized coaching



  • Participant Workbook and Coaching Planner
  • Planner and other tools will be provided to participants electronically


Putting it all together:

Get-Real Coaching will help you implement sales leadership and success with your organization

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