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"My job is to make my customer's business run more smoothly, more profitably, and to make their lives better!"


"My success can only follow the success of my customer!"


"There is a prescribed set of sales steps that, if followed with vigor and skill, will clearly differentiate YOU from everyone you compete against!"


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Introduction ...



If you can help your customer enhance his ability to give great Service to his customers, improve his company's Economics (by increasing his revenue or reducing his costs), and enhance his Life, especially his quality of work-life, you will find a customer who's ready to adopt your recommendations.  The S.E.L. approach has produced measurable sales improvement for thousands of salespeople in the live Get-Real Selling workshops.  In this book, short, pithy chapters and a no-nonsense approach highlight both Real- and Not-Real practices that will improve your performance, too.


Powerful tools life the Opportunity Board, Sales Call Planner, Discovery Planning Chart, Skills and Practices Checklist, Presentation Planning Tool, Proposal Writing Tipp Sheet and Bibliography will improve your performance immediately.






"My success can only follow the success of my customer."






Get-Real Selling





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Quotes and Media




"Amazingly readable...brilliant success it now!"

Larry Wilson
Best-Selling Author of Play to Win
Co-Author of One-Minute Manager






"As a profession, sales is moving from a reliance on relationships and instinct to a profession that requires significantly more science.  All sales professionals need to constantly update and hone their skills.  This book captures the science you need to be a sales professional in one easy read."

Tom Ogburn, VP and General Manager
LexisNexis BIS






"The only thing easier than reading this book is the success you will find from using these techniques for becoming a true consultative sales professional.  By far the most valuable book I've ever read about becoming the total solutions provider for your clients."

Gary F. Weber
Senior Sales Advisor
Aurora Casket Company






"There are many, many competent sales professional.  Reading and referring to this book, however, will make you a consciously competent sales professional, giving you a real competitive advantage in the market."

Scott Collins
Vice President Law Schools Division

















   About the Authors


Keith Hawk and Michael Boland

Keith Hawk

Keith is a 32-year veteran sales professional and sales leader.  Over the course of his career he has developed a rich understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales professional.  For over ten years he led one of America's greatest sales organizations, at LexisNexis.  He continues in a customer focused role to this day at that global organization, speaking to customer groups around the world on the topic of solving business problems with the solutions offered by his firm.  In addition, he continues to lecture regularly on topics such as consultative selling, selling to executives, and his personal favorite:  the true role of the sales professional.


Keith is married and has three sons.  He loves watching his sons play professional football and being a new grandparent.  Youngest son A.J. Hawk is a linebacker with the NFL's Green Bay Packers.  Middle son Ryan was a quarterback at Ohio University and in the Arena Football League, and now serves as a sales manager himself, in addition to blessing the family with a granddaughter.  Eldest son Matthew and his wife Beth have thrilled Keith and his wife Judy with two grandchildren.


Michael Boland

Michael has over 35 years of experience in sales and sales leadership.  He founded Performance Technologies in 1982, a business consulting training firm, which specializes in helping its customers WIN by developing elite sales forces led by exceptional coaches.  As an international business consultant, Michael's strength lies in his ability to distill complex issues into workable solutions and to lead organizations through transformation that converts challenges into achievement.


Michael is married to his high school sweetheart Emilee, and they revel in the lives of their adult children and especially all of their grandchildren.  He is devoted to his parish and religious community and contributes his leadership and voice to the pro-life movement in local, state and national organizations.




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